The League of Women Voters of Southeast Missouri is a non-partisan political organization dedicated to active citizen participation in democracy. One of the most trusted and respected organizations in our community, the League is a force for change, shaping the important issues that keep our communities strong.

We are a grassroots organization working to make democracy work. We work to influence policy through education and advocacy.  As the League of Women Voters approach our 100th anniversary, we have adopted the slogan: 

Creating a more perfect democracy.   

Join us in making this happen! 

Coming Election

August 4, 2020

Here are some important dates concerning the August 2020 election:

July 8 - last day to register to vote for the August election. You may register online at https://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/govotemissouri/register or at the Cape Girardeau County Clerk’s office.

July 22, 5:00 p.m. - deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail for the August election.

Absentee ballots may be requested in person up until the day before Election Day.

Your absentee ballot must be received by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.


Medicaid Expansion to be on August 4 Ballot – Amendment 2

Earlier this month, Missouri Health Care for All submitted nearly 350,000 signatures – almost twice the number required – to put Medicaid Expansion on the ballot. The Missouri Secretary of State certified the initiative and it will appear on the August 4 primary election ballot. The League of Women Voters of Missouri has endorsed this effort to expand Medicaid.


Absentee Voting Information in Effect for the Remainder of 2020

The Missouri General Assembly passed SB631 which approved changes to the absentee ballot process for the August and November 2020 elections. Governor Parson signed this bill on June 4, 2020.

Voters in at-risk categories for contracting or transmitting COVID-19 are eligible to vote by absentee ballot without obtaining notarization. At-risk voters are individuals who:

Are 65 years of age or older

Have serious heart conditions

Are immunocompromised

Have liver disease

Live in a long-term care facility licensed under Chapter 198, RSMo

Have chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma

Have chronic kidney disease and are undergoing dialysis

Have diabetes

Also, SB631 established a new COVID-19 excuse for healthy voters under age 65 to request a mail-in ballot, but voters using that new form will have to have their ballots notarized. The Missouri statutes specifically say that notaries cannot charge for notarizing a ballot. This is what is in the Statutes: "No notary shall charge or collect a fee for notarizing the signature on any absentee ballot or absentee voter registration."

For the full text of Senate Bill 631, please go to:


For the Request for Absentee Ballot (certain eligible categories are exempt from notarization) and the Request for Mail-in Ballot (notarization required), please go to the Missouri Secretary of State webpage:


Also, you can pick up an absentee ballot at the Cape Girardeau County Clerk’s office. For more information about absentee voting and to request an absentee ballot, please go to the Cape Girardeau County Clerk webpage:


Or you can call the County Clerk's office at (573)243-3547

Ballots may be turned in by mail or in person.

To help voters understand the new options for 2020, the League of Women Voters of Missouri has prepared a two-page Fact Sheet on Absentee Voting. Please go to:



Voter ID

In Spring 2020, the Cape Girardeau County Clerk mailed new voter ID cards. If you have not received yours, please contact the clerk's office at 573-243-3547 or kclark@capecounty.us.

However, you must have the state required ID in order to vote. For more information, please see "Show It 2 Vote" at:




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Voter Information 

How do I register to vote in MO?   

You can register to vote online at the MO secretary of State website : https://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/goVoteMissouri/register  . 

You can register in person at any of the sites in the link below:  http://www.capecountyelections.com/voting-information/voter-registration/       

For help in registering call the County Clerk's Office at 573-243-3547.

For more information, sample ballots, and calendars, please go to:

Cape Girardeau County Clerk



Missouri Secretary of State



Contact Information - ellensuebrockett@gmail.com

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