The League of Women Voters of Southeast Missouri is a non-partisan political organization dedicated to active citizen participation in democracy.

One of the most trusted and respected organizations in our community, the League is a force for change, shaping the important issues that keep our communities strong.

We are a grassroots organization working to make democracy work. We work to influence policy through education and advocacy.

November 2014 Election

League of Women Voters of Southeast Missouri and KRCU 90.9 FM/88.9 FM present

A Voters’ Forum for the November 2014 Election

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
7:00 p.m.
The Concourse
429 N. Broadview St., Cape Girardeau, MO

These candidates are scheduled to speak and answer questions:

8th U.S. Congressional District
Doug Enyart, Constitution Party
Terry Hampton, Independent Candidate
Jason Smith, Republican Party
Barbara Stocker, Democratic Party
Rick Vandeven, Libertarian Party

147th Missouri State Representative District
Gary Gaines, Democratic Party
Kathy Swan, Republican Party
Greg Tlapek, Libertarian Party

Also, we will discuss ballot issues.  Two people will speak on the City of Cape Girardeau tax issue.

For more information, call Janice Miller (573)651-3439.     
Send questions in advance to lwvsemo@gmail.com

Directions to The Concourse, 429 N. Broadview St., Cape Girardeau, MO

If going south on I55, take Exit 99 and turn left on Hwy. 61/Hwy. 34/Business Loop I55/North Kingshighway.  Turn right on Marie Louise Ln., which takes you into Arena Park.  Then (after a very short distance) turn left on North Broadview.  The Concourse is on the right, behind Regions Bank which is on North Kingshighway.

If going north on I55, take Exit 96 and turn right on Route K/William St.  Turn left on South Broadview.  (Applebee’s is on this corner.) When South Broadview ends, turn right on Independence St. and go for a short distance. Turn left on North Broadview.  The Concourse is on the left, behind Regions Bank which is on North Kingshighway.

November 2014 Election Ballot Issues

To read the statewide ballot issues, go to: http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/2014ballot/

City of Cape Girardeau ballot issue:

Shall the City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri extend the imposition of the city’s existing fire sales tax of one-eighth of one percent (1/8 of 1%) beyond its current expiration date of the purpose of providing revenues for the operation of the Cape Girardeau Municipal Fire Department?  This one-eighth of one percent (1/8 of 1%) sales tax extension shall expire on December 31, 2035.

 August 5 Election

This is the date for the Primary election for county, state offices and US 8th district Congressional seat.  Sample ballot can be seen by clicking of this link: August_2014_Primary_Sample_BallotmwWAmN_(1).pdf

Missouri is an open primary system.  This means that you can select the party ballot that you wish: Constitution, Democratic, Libertarian, or Republican.  This is independant of any registered affliliation. 

Also on the ballot are potential amendments to the MO constitution and one Cape County ballot initiative.

The LWVMO has studied the ballot initiatives and has positions on 3 of the 5 Constitutional Ammendments: This summary analysis can be viewed at the following link: http://www.lwvmissouri.org

A pdf version of this document can be viewed by clicking on this link: 2014-statewide-ballot-issues-info-sheet-july-11-2014.pdf

 At the invitation of the PEO group in Cape Girardeau, Jill Rickard and Sue Brockett presented a discussion of the ballot issues including the Cape County proposition K. The slides from the presentation are attached:CapeLWV_PEOTalk.pptx.

The Proposion K is a ballot initiative  to help with needs of unserved children in Cape Giradeau county.  The ballot petiton received the required number of signatures andwas certified by the Cape Couny Commision. The following is a link to the group behind the initiative: http://kidsfirstcape.com

 Next League Events and Programs

Stay tuned for the Fall 2014 program!

LWVSEMO has many capable speakers who are available to speak to your group on election issues. Call us at 573-450-2493.

Voter Information                                                    

How do I register to vote in Cape Girardeau County?                                

How do I register to vote in other SEMO counties?  Go to the lower right corner to select your county and find the location and phone number of the county registration service.                                 

Where do I vote? 


Elections scheduled for 2014

 August 5, 2014. Primary election with ballot issues.

November 4, 2014. General election. (Registration deadline: October 8.)

Vote411 Voter Guide.  The LWVMO has adopted the vote411.org as our voter guide. Click here to use the voter guide.



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